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  1请求建立商业关系Rogers Chemical Supply Co。 10E。22Street Omaha8,Neb Gentlemen: We have obtained your name and address from Aristo Shoes, Milan , and we are writing to enquire whether you would be willing to establish business relations with us。 We have been importers of shoes for many years。 At present, We are interested in extending our, range and would appreciate your catalogues and quotations。If your prices are competitive we would expect to transact a significant volume of business。 We look forward to your early reply。

  Very truly yours 自米兰职权里斯托鞋类公司取得贵公司和地址,特此修函,祈能发展关系。多年来,本公司经营鞋类进口生意,现欲扩展业务范围。盼能惠赐商品目录和报价表。 如价格公道,本公司必大额订购。 烦请早日赐复。 此致2。回复对方建立商业关系的请求Thank your for your letter of the 16th of this month。 We shall be glad to enter into business relations with your company。 In compliance with your request, we are sending you, under separate cover, our latest catalogue and price list covering our export range。 Payment should be made by irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit。 Should you wish to place an order, please telex or fax us。 本月16日收到有关商务关系的来函,不胜欣喜。谨遵要求另函奉上最新之出口商品目录和报价单。款项烦请以不可撤销保兑之信用状支付。如欲订货,请电传或传真为盼。 此致 敬礼3。请求担任独家代理We would like to inform you that we act on a sole agency basis fora number of manufacturers。 We specialize in finished cotton goods for the Middle eastern market: Our activities cover all types of household linen。 Until now , we have been working with your textiles department and our collaboration has proved to be mutually beneficial。 Please refer to them for any information regarding our company。 We are very interested in an exclusive arrangement with your factoryfor the promotion of your products in Bahrain。 We look forward to your early reply。 `本公司担任多家厂家的独家代理,专营精制棉织品,包括各灯家用亚麻制品,行销中东。 与贵公司向有业务联系,互利互作。贵公司纺织部亦十分了解有关业务合作之情况。 盼望能成为贵公司独家代理,促销在巴林市场的货品。 上述建议,烦请早日赐复,以便进一步联系合作。 此致 敬礼4。拒绝对方担任独家代理Thank you for your letter of 1 September suggesting that we grant you a sole agency for our household linens。 I regret to say that, at this stage ,such an arrangement would berather premature。 We would, however, be willing to engage in a trial collaboration with you company to see how the arrangement works。 It would be necessary for you to test the market for our productsat you end。 You would also have to build up a much larger turnover tojustify a sole agency。 We enclose price lists covering all the products you are interested in and look forward to hearing from you soon。 9月1日有关建议担任家用亚麻制品独家代理的来信收悉。谨致衷心谢意。目前时机尚未成熟,不能应允该安排深感抱歉。 然而,本公司乐意与贵公司先试行合作,为今后合作打下基础。为证明担任独家代理的能力,贵公司宜上述货品作市场调查,研究是否可扩大现有之营业额。奉上该货品之报价单,敬希查照。专此候复。 此致 敬礼5。同意对方担任独家代理Thank you for your letter of 12 April proposing a sole agency for our office machines。 We have examined our long and ,I must say ,mutually beneficial collaboration。 We would be very pleased to entrust you with the sole agency for Bahrain。 From our records, we are pleased to note that you have two service engineers who took training courses at our Milan factory 。the sole agency will naturally be contingent on you maintaining qualified aftersales staff。 We have drawn up a draft agreement that is enclosed。 Please examine the detailed terms and conditions and let us know whether they meet with your approval。 On a personal note, I must say that I am delighted that we are probably going to strengthen our relationship。 I have very pleasant memories of my last visit to Bahrain when you entertained me so delightfully 。I look forward to reciprocating on your next visit to Milan 。 My very best wishes to you and your wife。 4月12日建议担任为公室器具之独家代理来信已经收悉。 过去双方合作皆互利互助,能获您的眷顾作我公司于巴林的独家代理,殊感荣幸。 据知您公司两服务技师曾到我公司米兰工厂受训。相信您公司在取得代理权后,仍会继续注重合格售后服务人员的训练。现随信附上协议草稿, 请查实各项条款 ,惠复是盼。 能加强业务,我亦感到欣喜,前次到访巴林,蒙盛情款待,不胜感激。祈盼您莅临米兰时,容我一尽地主之谊。 此致 敬礼
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